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kawe Prestige Stethoscope

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kawe Prestige

For many years, this has been KaWe’s classic among its stethoscopes. The precision chest piece is made of solid stainless steel. The tubes, which are available in many different colours, with their integrated stainless steel head pieces offer the highest level off wearer comfort thanks to their soft ear tips.

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    • made of stainless steel
    • total length approx. 78 cm
    • reversible
    • diaphragm Ø 47 mm
    • diaphragm and bell rings made of high-quality biocompatible
      medical grade silicone
    • connecting piece with simple and precise positioning aid
    • no lost time due to incorrect setting on the chest piece
    • weight approx. 183 g


    Uses  The stethoscope is a diagnostic tool and consists of a headset, sound tube and chest piece. It is used for auscultation of heart sounds/murmurs, lung murmurs, and other audible parameters. Depending on the type of examination, the stethoscope is applied to the appropriate area of the body and used at low pressure. On double-sided stethoscopes, you can choose one or another input channel (funnel or membrane). Intended use is the compliance with all instructions in this application manual as well as basic rules and directives. The manufacturer does not accept any liability for damage resulting from any other use. Target patient groups: adults, children and infants. The products must only be used by authorized specialized personne
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    Country of Manufacture Germany
    Certificates CE
    Color N/A
    Atmospheric Pressure limitation Atmospheric Pressure limitation
    Authorized in EC Authorized in EC
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