Return Policy

- What are the cases where products cannot be returned?

  1. When you request a return after the specified time ,that is 15 days from the date of receipt of the shipment
  2. Used or damaged products, products that are not in their original condition upon receipt.
  3. Specific medical products that are non-returnable  according to authority instructions
  4. Products that have been tampered with or removed their serial numbers
  5. Products that have been removed from its original cover

- If the customer has received products that are damaged or not the same products required, how can the money be refunded?

In case of receiving damaged product , you can contact us via customer service with a clear picture  of the damaged product then we will send you the shipping instructions ,  it will often  be through the same shipping company that delivered the product . As soon as we receive the product, we will check it, and if the defect is confirmed or damaged, we will immediately start the procedure of refunding your money to your account, including the paid  shipping fees .

-I changed my mind and I don’t need the product I bought. Can I return it? How do?

DababOnline offers this feature. You can return the product you purchased within 15 days of your receipt. In this case, all you have to do is contact customer service to cancel your order and we will send you the shipping instructions , provided that the item is not included in the non-returnable list , with  shipping fees deduction. Once we receive the product, we will review it and  will immediately initiate a refund to your account. In any case, you can contact our customer service center at DababOnline or visit our contact page

-How long shipping company take to return goods?

The shipping company will contact you within three to five working days from the date we sent your contacts number, but sometimes it may take up to two weeks for the shipping service provider to receive the product from you

-Can I arrange returning goods without DababOnline instructions?

At the moment, you cannot directly contact the shipping company to schedule a delivery of the product to DababOnline, but you can set the time that best suits you when DababOnline calls you

- How can I refund the amount paid by my credit card?

After the shipment is received. If you have paid for the shipment through one of the different electronic means (such as credit cards, etc.), the money will be returned directly to the same card you purchased and the time to receive money varies  according to  the requirements of your bank. In order to refund your money, please check with your bank to confirm that you have received the payment.

-Can you replace products that I no longer want with other products?

Yes you can, applying same conditions of returning goods

- How do I get a Shipping Airway bill to return goods to dababonline?

As soon as you request a return of the shipment, you will receive an email with a shipping  Airway  bill to return the shipment .