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Massager , Thrive 717

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Thrive 717 Powerful Massager


Outstanding Characteristics:

1. This Massager Combines A Vertical Motion With An Irregular Rotary Motion Which Raises Massaging Effects

2. Powerful, Irregular Vibration Gives The Same Effect As Your Skillful Hands Do, Enabling The Unit To Do The Job With An Almost Explosive Speed.

3. A Massage With Heat On Is More Effective For Treatment Of Stiffness And Fatigue. The Temperature Of Heating Part Rises Up To 55`C (131`F).

4. Designed For A Long Use, It Can Be Used With Absolute Safety, Anytime And Anywhere.

Uses  Body massager
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Country of Manufacture Japan
Certificates N/A
Extra options
End user package
Shelf life
220 V
General Specification Maximum temperature : 55 C Net Weight : 1.1 kg Speed : 4500 rpm
Atmospheric Pressure limitation Atmospheric Pressure limitation
Authorized in EC Authorized in EC
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